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Gary L Thiele, DDS, FAGD
1801 Colorado Ave.
Ste: 280
Turlock, CA 95382
(209) 216-3530

1801 Colorado Ave.
Ste: 280
Turlock, CA 95382

Now located in the prestigious Tower Health & Wellness Center.


Sedation Dentistry

A visit to the dentist can cause fear and anxiety. Patients who experience dental phobia may postpone or avoid vital dental appointment, and multiple dental visits are out of the question. Neglecting your oral health can lead to tooth loss, disease, and overall health problems. However, you can overcome dental fear with sedation dentistry.

At our office, we offer three kinds of sedation: First Class, Business Class, and Coach.

First Class Sedation involves a trained anesthesiologist who comes to the office to sedate you. Also called IV sedation, this method allows us unprecedented control over relaxation levels, so we can tailor the sedation to your specific needs. Depending on the amount of sedative you receive, you will feel extremely relaxed, drowsy, or you may fall asleep completely. Typically, patients remain conscious and can respond to questions but do not experience extreme nervousness or discomfort, remembering little about the appointment afterwards.

Business Class Sedation involves a medication taken orally prior to your visit. Also known as oral conscious sedation, this method allows patients to feel relaxed in the dental chair, while remaining conscious and able to answer the dentistís questions. Although your dental procedures may take hours, you will feel as if they take only minutes. Some patients become so relaxed that they fall asleep in the dentistís chair. The effects of the sedative typically subside the following day.

Coach Sedation involves a colorless, odorless gas inhaled through a nasal mask. Many people know this gas (nitrous oxide) as laughing gas. nitrous oxide as laughing gas. In our office, we administer nitrous oxide to enhance patient comfort and relieve anxiety for patients of all ages. After you're comfortably seated in the dental chair, you'll inhale the gas (a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture) through a face mask. We will control the amount of nitrous you receive to ensure your safety. You will begin to relax and will not recognize pain, so the dentist can perform your dental work while you stay completely comfortable. The effects of nitrous oxide subside once we remove your mask, so if nitrous is the only anesthesia you receive, you will be capable of driving yourself home following the visit and can continue your daily activities as normal.

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